KazAnova light (GUI)

KazAnova light GUI is a suite for analytics and data mining 100% written in Java that offers a long range of statistical algorithms and data manipulation tools. It includes all the common modeling techniques as well as it is considerably fast and very user-friendly. For the mean time the latest version is 2.00 released at 9/06/2013.There are a few new features included ,but the focus was mostly in speed and output's optimization. More specifically it includes:


Image: Typical KazAnova's light 1.00 (old version) Scorecard output


Java 1.6 or later is a must. You can download the latest version here .

Saddly this first version is available only in Windows 32/64, but in the future it will be available for Mac and Linux.

It is good (but not mandatory) to have more than 2GB of RAM if you want to import and manipulate big sets (e.g. over 100 k rows) .


KazAnova is a copyrighted material (Marios Michaelidis 2012-2017). Any analysis made via KazAnova light and its outputs, scores ,logic, tables, graphs can be used anywhere you want in commercial or no environments. However the source (Java) code must remain closed for your own sake as it is (purposely) quite messy . I bear no responsibility for any damages and the similar stuff you would see in free software . A more comprehensive explanation of the licence is acompanied in a .txt file when you download it. Some of the Java classes that are not easily found anywhere else for free will be provided as Java classes in different section.

You may download KazAnova light latest version from here.

Java Classes for Analytics

Essentially this part offers some Java classes not so commonly found free on the web in a programmatically easy way (e.g. no hadoop, but Arrays). More will be available the following months as they need to be written down first in a proper manner. For the mean time the latest version is 3.00 released at 30/05/2013 and the offered classes include:

  1. - Logistic Regression
  2. - Principal Components
  3. - Area Under Roc and Gini Coefficient
  4. - K-Means Clustering NEW!
  5. - Discriminant Analysis NEW!
  6. - Naive Bayes Classifier NEW!
  7. - Multicolinearity Check NEW!
  8. - WoE and Information Value NEW!
  9. - Multinomial Logistic Regression NEW!
  10. - Linear Regression (OLS) NEW!


Java 1.6 or later again is a must. You can download the latest version here .

It is an absolute necessity to get the Apache Commons Math package.

From now, it is not mandatory to have Apache's Commons Math as the code has become independent , however if you are doing anything in statistics or maths, you will need it sooner or later, so better now than later! You can get the latest version from here. Generally none of the offered software would have been possible without their contribution - endless gratitude. If you download it, you need to intergrate it with your code as an extrenal jar. I suggest using any of Eclipse, Netbeans, Maven as it will speed up the process a lot.


All the aforementioned Java classes are offered with the Apache Licence 2.0 . This means that you can use it in commercial applications of closed code, just dont come back to me knocking the door in the middle of the night if some exceptions are not captured! You may use it in your own risk. It is a good advice to read the licence first so as to be certain.

You may download the .jar containing all classes from here.