This section will be dedicated to allow people to communicate with the associates of kazAnova analytics. Whoever is willing to share thoughts, report bugs, and ask for assistance (not to do assignments for you of course!), can do so here in the following section. Once there is a significant number of suggestions/reports, next releases will be initiated and a section of FAQ will also be created. If you would like to contribute, you can do so by sharing some good words (if you liked what you’ve seen) or you can update the current Java classes and send the updated versions. Your contribution will be well received and acknowledged.If any academic or no Institution would like to be involved in this project, they are more than welcome to send a word.

As for the contact methods:
You can use the following email address to speak with a representative of kazAnova. It is a good practice to specify in the title the reason you are sending the email so as to make the feedback process smoother:

Additionally, you may use the following form to express your opinion. Bear in mind that all field required to be populated in order for the form to reach its destination successfully and the context needs to be filled with latin characters. Whichever way you choose to communicate , will try to answer as soon as possible:



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