My name is Marios Michailidis and for the meantime I am the sole creator and administrator of kazAnova. I have a BSc with merit in accounting and Finance from the University of Macedonia and an MSc with distinction in Corporate Risk and Security Management from the University of Southampton. My previous working experience lies in statistical modeling for online lenders, DCAs and public Corporations in UK.

At the age of 24 I decided that instead of specializing in specific statistical software, it would have been better to use my creativity in a more native and popular environment (such as Java) that allows ownership of the products and can be used and found everywhere. Extensive academic bibliography and countless hours of spare time spent in Google and Java online tutorials with limited physical external help made possible the first version of KazAnova in less than 1 year.

My belief is that it is only fair to give back something from what I have learnt from so many altruistic sources and noble people. I am more than happy to see that there are still people out there, always willing to help and promote progression of any means without always focusing on materialism. A great motivation if not the greatest has been Prof. Lyn Thomas from the University of Southampton to whom I owe endless gratitude.

 There may not be any other developers at the moment but it would be inappropriate not to mention the good friends that shared ideas and contributed with any means, including testing, designing the logo, advising and more. These are:

It would also be a terrible oversight not to give credit to the third party software included in kazAnova.  For this there is a .txt file in the main installation folder where you installed kazA.