kazAnova Analytics refers to an advanced Graphical User Interface application suitable for scorecard development (Credit Scoring), data mining , Statistical modeling and more.

It also includes a collection of other software analytics tools including simple Java classes (such as Logistic Regression, calculation of area under RoC, Principal Components ) offered in a programmatically easy way (in Arrays).

In the meantime, this project is in its infancy but is expected to mature over time. The current release should be considered a beta test version with lots of room for improvement. Any feedback from users will be welcomed and will enable me to regularly improve the product.

A big inspiration has been the Weka project that gave a very solid analytical package and room for research and development of new techniques.  The focus in KazA is to make things simpler so that even not so highly skilled analysts may use it. Data mining is almost everywhere and everybody should have a fair chance to dig into it without having to spend hours learning programming languages or complex statistical terms and algorithms.

You may try the Software section to see if you can find anything of interest. Hope you’ll enjoy your visit!